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Italian 48 years old

Ruben was born in Monte Rosa in 1971 and after a cooking school, he started working in Milan as a Clerk at the Hilton Hotel. After 6 years of experience in kitchen brigade between Venice, Cortina and Milan at the age of 22, he began his career on cruise ships of the company Princess Cruise where he stayed 8 years. In 1999, he decided to embark on a new adventure in the world of Yachting on very important and famous boats in the world of Charter, such as The Big Blue (2 years), Prometej (2 years), Sea Force One (1 year). Ocean Victory (2 years old), Ice (2 years old), Hermitage (5 years old) and Okto (4 years old). Ruben's culinary skills are undeniably intercontinental because of his large experience and in-depth knowledge of most countries in the world. Always smiling and available, as a team leader he formed an indissoluble group with the rest of the crew, especially with the chief stewardess. He speaks Italian, French, English, Spanish, Turkish and Italian.

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